Property Investment Seminar


 Invest Property, Protect Health & Grow Wealth All At Once

Lately most people are reluctant to invest in properties because they usually have to work much harder to keep paying for their Negative Gearing investment.

What if we could show you a better way to invest, and only invest in Positive Gearing properties to generate more cash flow, build up your equity quickly without a sweat.

Would you be interested to learn more?

Come and Join this Event to know

  • How to make the right investment decision
  • How to avoid the rat race having an investment
  • How to build your portfolio using equity and cash flow generated from your investment
  • How to cover and protect yourself by selecting the right Health Cover
  • How to become Financial Freedom faster


  • Martina Chin – HSBC Bank
  • Vivien Yang – BUPA
  • Kevin Phan – Nexus Real Estate

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Director of Nexus Real Estate
Auctioneer / Motivational Speaker & Author

Being a Director of Nexus Real Estate in Mt Waverley and in Springvale and a sole owner of a multiple businesses, Kevin understands the importance of giving his right advice to his clients as a professional.

Energetic and dedicated, Kevin entered the real estate scene with the intention of delivering unrivalled customer service and results. Possessing confidence born from his extensive local experience and excellent negotiation skills, Kevin has consistently assisted his clients in achieving their dreams since 2005.

With over a decade of experience, sold over thousand homes values for more than a billion dollars, Kevin is all too aware of the stresses associated when dealing with Real Estate, which is why it is his professional goal to deliver his clients with the best possible Real Estate experience.

Driven by hard work, dedication and commitment, Kevin always go out of his ways to ensure his clients’ satisfaction, whether it is a dream home or a fantastic investment.

Kevin has travelled around the world and spoke at Business Conferences as a Professional Motivational Speaker. He inspires thousands of people to take action and to follow their dreams by sharing his success story.

His passion is to help the less fortunate homeless in Melbourne and orphans in Vietnam.

His genuine honesty and professionalism will leave you with an outstanding and memorable experience.

FAQ’s for property investment:

What Research Should I Conduct To Find A Suitable Investment Property?

  1. Web-based research – consult Core Logic RP Data,, and and property blogs.
  2. Talk to your mentor/adviser. If you don’t have one, get one
  3. Read specialist property magazines like this one
  4. Talk to other investors
  5. Talk to local real estate agents, but be mindful of their own agenda!
  6. Do not take advice from friends and professionals who do not own investment properties
  7. Have a team of trusted professionals around you

Why Invest In Property Above Other Investment Options?

  1. You can take photos of it, touch it, drive past it and grant your proud grandparents and parents bricks and mortar evidence they can brag about.
  2. You can use the equity in one property to buy your next property.
  3. Renting out your investment property provides you with an additional weekly, fortnightly or monthly income stream. It is a source of consistent cash flow.
  4. Tax benefits such as depreciation allowances and tax deductions maximize your Defence income. Other Government benefits may be available to help fund property purchases.
  5. Liquidity is as easy as applying for a line of credit once you have built enough equity.
  6. It is a security asset that will make your banker happy to help you when you need help.
  7. You’re in as much control as you choose to have over your asset. You can manage tenancy yourself, or outsource it. You can negotiate rental increases and tenancy agreements. You can choose to sell the property if there is a benefit to you in doing so.

How Are Villas, Townhouses And Apartments Different To Houses?

  1. Purchasing higher density accommodation, such as townhouses or units, help investors into more desirable locations closer to city centres. These types of property usually have higher rental returns compared to house and land in similar locations.
  2. Part of any good property investment strategy is to maximize tax deductions. Villas, townhouses and apartments don’t have a high land component in the overall cost, so depreciable tax deductions are greater, helping improve your cash flow. You cannot depreciate land, only the improvements made upon it.
  3. Be aware that the land component of investment properties is subject to land tax when an investor’s properties (land value) in that state reach the tax threshold. This is an important consideration for investors wishing to build a portfolio with multiple properties.