Kevin is an honest, reliable, genuine person who really cares about others​ and will go above and beyond to help. I was honoured to meet Kevin a year ago at Aaron Sansoni event. I saw how much hard work Kevin puts in relationships with clients, friends and just strangers he never met before. He is a great real estate agent who genuinely cares for the community and people who haven't been successful in life.

Helen Kharkov

I had a very positive experience whilst dealing with Kevin for the successful sale of my dad's unit. Kevin is a very genuine trustworthy and reliable person to deal with and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to anyone needing a professional and experienced agent that gets great results. During the sales process, you'll likely discover that Kevin is: Personable Honest Appreciative Non-pressuring Trustworthy Accommodating Sympathetic Thorough Indiscriminate Capable Thanks again Kevin! I truly appreciate all your hard work and I hope many others get the opportunity to have a similar experience to what I had.

Spare Tyre

I met Kevin Phan at Empire Mastery - Aaron Sansoni. His life story is inspirational coming to Australia as a refugee, learnt english as a second language, gained a degree and now an entrpreneurial real estate guru. Kevin is a kind loving noble soul. I helped him with his ignite campaign to give love and service to the homeless. Keep shining bright and spreading your kindness where ever you go Kevin.

Leena Amin

Your family deserves the best and Kevin is without the doubt the best agent for you. An extraordinary man, driven by passion and delivering excellence for over a decade in the industry.

Boon Tan

One of the most helpful and inspiring agents that I have met. Kevin is extremely dedicated to the sale of every property no matter how grand or small and does everything he can to accommodate your every need, even if that means working out of regular hours. I would highly, highly recommend him to anyone who is thinking of selling for the best price possible and for being just a brilliant person in general.

Tiarna Golden

Assisted both Kevin and Linda at the Bank over 10 years ago, they are both Genuine and dedicated Realestate Agents. Family and friends all have positive experiences with them too. Keep it up guys and all the best xxx

Phuong Anna Nugyen

Kevin Phan and Linda Pham are 2 of the most honest, trustworthy and hard working real estate agents you will ever meet. They strive to provide the best advice and experience for their clients and achieve the best result.

Corinne Guterres

Kevin and Steven are both very friendly, reliable and honest real estate estate agents. Nexus is definitely my go to real estate company.

Danny Roth

Kevin, might be a small person in build but he have a tremendous big heart for community care and most importantly he is genuine and professional in his day to day dealing . Keep up the good energy.

Philip Tan

6star service and beyond is what Kevin and the team at Nexus deliver. Kevin is one of the most sincere, honest gentlemen I have encountered.

Kim Muirhead-Holland

Kevin is simply the most genuine person. He acts with complete openness, honesty and integrity and it is a pleasure to know him.

Ange Dove

Though not customers of Nexus RE, we'd like to thank Kevin for his ongoing support for our charity, The School Project. It's great to meet someone so community minded regarding others who have no stable housing. Thanks for your ongoing support, Kevin!

Donna Zen

Kevin is one if the most humble and genuine people you could ever meet

Scott Keating

Kevin is such a motivational person who is honest, reliable, hardworking, professional GREAT person to deal with !!!! Highly Recommended !

Lien Leigh

Kevin was fantastic in the negotiation and final sale of my difficult apartment in the inner city. Making the most of a average situation i'm thankful that Kevin and Nexus were on my team!

Chris Wierzbowski

Before being a professional, competent and outstanding real estate agent Kevin is a compassionate, kind and ethical person, one who will not hesitate to help others. This was my impression of Kevin when I first met him. My practice has assisted many of Kevin's clients and it is always a pleasure as they also speak so highly of him. We hope to continue our professional relationship with Kevin and his team at Nexus.

Shanice Hoang

Nexus Real Estate is the firm I always refer work to Very professional Very prompt Very understanding with clients Gets the results Keep up the great work Kevin & Team

Con Nichols

I wouldn't use anyone else! Kevin and the team are incredibly kind, honest and most importantly PHANtastic at their job!

Maddyson Solano

A quanderful workplace - It's like a family. A strong belief in possibility, consistency and hardworking.

Steven Quan

Professional, dedicated and genuine service always putting customers first.

Mike T